Nissan isn't letting the snow and cold get it down this year. It's having almost as much fun with winter as a kid on a snow day. It's calling it Warrior Winter, and just weeks after revealing the Rogue Warrior and X-Trail Bobsleigh, it's unleashing a trio of snow-shredding crossovers on Chicago. The new, snow-hungry Pathfinder and Murano Winter Warriors give the Rogue some backup.

Like last month's Rogue Warrior, the new Pathfinder Winter Warrior and Murano Winter Warrior concepts lose their wheels in favor of four American Track Truck Dominator snow tracks. Outside of the suspension tuning and wheel well modification necessary to accommodate those tracks, the crossovers' constructions remain stock.

Nissan recently showcased a slew of outdoorsmen-ready Genuine Accessories at the SHOT Show, and the new Winter Warrior concepts continue the effort. While it focused on its Titan pickup bed tent at SHOT, it equips each Warrior with its 9 x 9-ft (2.7 x 2.7-m) Hatch Tent. The tent secures around the liftgate and turns each CUV into its own five-person outdoor living space, while also functioning as a standalone tent.

Each Winter Warrior model is also dressed in its own blend of additional Nissan accessories, including cargo area protectors, all-season floor mats, roof rail crossbars and rear bumper protectors. In a further refinement of last month's Warrior design, each concept, including the Rogue, wears a new custom matte red-chrome body wrap, creating a cohesive family look.

If you add in last year's less official Dominator-equipped Juke Nismo RSnow, Nissan has converted its entire American crossover family into a team of snow machines. Don't expect to see "Dominator Tracks" on its official options lists, though; Nissan is quite clear that these three new Winter Warriors are one-off concepts. They'll make their debut at this week's Chicago Auto Show.

Source: Nissan

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