Nissan Caravan Box In Box

Nissan Caravan Box In Box
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October 29, 2004 After mass production comes mass customisation and the Tokyo Motor Show shows the development of specialised, sliver-thin, vertical-market offerings is already well underway.The Nissan Caravan Box In Box was created around a the concept of adding "merchandising capability to the traditional vehicle functions of mobility and transport." The Caravan Box In Box is designed so that all of the display boxes it contains can easily be pulled out from either the back door or the sliding side door and opened for displaying goods.

This built-in instant-display capability was the focus of the design exercise and the vision was described "the ability for users to make presentations and show their products directly to customers anywhere there is a parking space. For instance, the Caravan Box In Box can be driven to event sites for use as a handy showroom on wheels."

This Caravan Box In Box has a very high payload capacity with handling and performance to match. The company expects the apparel industry to be one of the first industries to use the concept when it goes into production.

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