Electric power is a big part of the modern automaker's MO, and more and more are looking to flex these muscles when it comes to the home. The newly announced Nissan Energy Solar is the Japanese firm's take on a complete home energy management system, making use of old Leaf batteries and rooftop solar to ween homeowners off the grid.

Mercedes-Benz, Renault and of course Tesla are a few of the big-name automakers that have developed home battery systems. Nissan too has made moves in the area, unveiling its xStorage battery back in 2016 (which uses recycled Leaf batteries), along with trials whereby UK owners of its EVs could sell energy back to the grid as a way of exploring the cars' potential as mobile energy hubs.

The Nissan Energy Solar system takes things a little further, however, promising UK homeowners an end-to-end energy storage solution akin to that from Tesla. It hooks the xStorage battery up to rooftop solar panels to collect and store energy that can then be used to power the home and charge Nissan's Leaf and e-NV200 EVs.

The company will offer three different styles of solar panel: a cheaper option, one optimized for efficiency and one designed to be subtle and a bit more sophisticated. Nissan reckons it can save UK homeowners up to 66 percent on their energy bills, and pricing for the installation of a six-panel solar system will start at £3,881 (US$5,400). Nissan hasn't said whether it will become available beyond the UK or offered a release date as yet, only to say that the system will be on sale soon.

Source: Nissan

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