After releasing some poorly-lit preview pictures with consecutive GT-R50 announcements, Nissan revealed the car in full at the weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed. As expected, the striking anniversary-edition GT-R developed in collaboration with Italdesign makes quite a memorable impression when swimming in the full light of day.

We previously looked through all the fast, ferocious vehicles from Goodwood 2018, but we figure the GT-R50 deserves its own spotlight given how much hype was behind the car leading into Goodwood. As we previously reported, the new car was designed by Nissan and engineered and built by Italdesign. It celebrates this year's 50th anniversary of Italdesign and 2019's 50th anniversary of the GT-R.

As compared to production GT-R models, the GT-R50 features tweaked dimensions, a striking gold-injected look, a big adjustable rear wing, upgraded suspension and braking systems, and a 710-hp twin-turbo V6 engine. The car's gold contrast accents don't look quite as shimmery and metallic in the raw as they did in the preview pictures, but it's a visually impactful design, nonetheless.

Nissan and Italdesign are mulling the idea of selling up to 50 custom-built models, and they think they'll be able to fetch US$1 million for each one.

The one-minute video clip below shows the GT-R50's rumbling Goodwood debut, and the longer second clip dives into the design process behind it.

Source: Nissan

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