Nissan has unveiled a new compact hatchback concept at the Geneva Motor Show. The Sway is how Nissan says a future European hatchback might look with the brand's new design language applied. Fingers crossed, then, that it begins to apply its new vernacular liberally.

Everything about the design of the Sway seems to point to where the car wants to go: forward and at speed. The exterior is a assembly of slicked-back shapes and lines that negotiate the body with considered swoops and angles before tapering together at the car's chunky, flattened nose.

Large air inlets at the front help give the Sway a tough element to its styling, whilst its sharp and thin headlights draw attention back to the expansive glass floating roof. This is perhaps the car's most impressive feature. There are four sections of glass held in place by a central spidered support, which allow light to flood the interior and contribute to the visibility afforded all around the car.

The roof sweeps back over the car and overhangs its sizable rear just a touch. The roof supports and air inlets share a rather fetching rusty orange color that complements the "bluish dawn grey" of the body. Likewise, the lower side trims have the same highlighting. There is no central pillar between the front and rear doors, meanwhile, in part to improve access. This is because the rear doors are hinged at the back rather than the front.

Inside, the Sway has what Nissan calls a "gliding wing shaped dashboard" that is coupled to a large central unit. Two basic instruments face the driver, with the rest of the functions displayed on a tablet in the center of the dashboard. This allows for use by both the driver and the front passenger.

The video below provides an introduction to the Nissan Sway concept car.

Source: Nissan

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