If you're looking to head out on the open road and spend a few days camping with your dog, the Dogscamper might be the ride for you. If you just want to travel by day with your dog, without spending the night under a van roof, though, perhaps the new Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs will be more your speed. This specially equipped crossover creates a cozy space for two four-legged friends, packing a dog bed, treat dispenser, wash-n-dry system, pet cam and more.

After reading the results of a survey from the UK's Kennel Club, which found that close to 90 percent of dog owners would go for a car with more dog-friendly features, Nissan decided to make it happen – at least in concept form. The X-Trail 4Dogs has all the little luxuries that any canine is probably dreaming of while squeezed uncomfortably in the back of the average car or truck.

In the X-Trail trunk, Nissan has created a luxurious space for one or two dogs. Padded wipe-clean leather and a dog bed provide a cozy space for riding and resting, while a dedicated air heating/drying system keeps things warm in back. A clip-on harness hook increases safety and security, while eating and drinking needs are handled by a smart treat dispenser and no-spill water bowl.

The ride in back might just be better than the ride up front, so the divider grate could be more limousine partition than dog cage. That divider doesn't mean that man and dog are completely separated the whole ride through, either. Nissan has installed a two-way camera system so the driver and front passenger can see the dogs on the infotainment screen and the dogs can see them on a 10-in LCD screen integrated into the trunk wall. Built-in audio lets the driver talk to the dogs without yelling back across the length of the cabin.

The X-Trail dog lair is accessed and exited with help from a slide-out ramp, making things easier on both dog and owner. When the dog is too dirty to invite on board, a 360-degree pullout shower and air dryer make it easy to clean things up.

Attachments for the shower and dryer system store neatly in a trunk floor drawer next to the slide-out ramp compartment, with other added storage compartments offering space for food, a leash and waste bags. Since many a drive does not include the family dog, the dog bed, water bowl and treat dispenser can be removed from the trunk to make room for other cargo.

We don't see much of a future for the 4Dogs, with the exception of maybe an accessory or two (the partition grate, for one, is already available as an official Nissan accessory), but you can enjoy a closer look in the video below and the photo gallery.

Source: Nissan

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