Nissan has unveiled a new conceptual sport utility, the XMotion ("cross motion"), that is touted as fusing Japanese culture and traditional craftsmanship with American utility. The vehicle features the company's new-generation Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology.

Looking like a mashup of a Lexus crossover and a Jeep Cherokee, the XMotion concept nevertheless has a lot of unique design. The exterior has a smooth rear end with little to break up the hatch. The side panels are smooth and lightly curved with only the seam between the doors splitting the surface. Those doors open in opposing directions, laying bare the pillar-less interior access.

The front of the Nissan XMotion is thick with a wide grille, heavy overhang, and strong fenderwork over beefy tires and wheels. The lighting contrasts that with thin, razor-edge cuts through the front quarter, above large intake-like grilles.

The overall look of the exterior is a blend of sophistication and rugged capability. The large, flat hood and squared-off roofline with its retractable storage box are indicative of what's to be found inside the XMotion. The interior is open, full of wooden curves, and layered in technology. The floating seats with red-and-black mesh are just the start.

A huge screen runs the width of the dashboard from the driver's side to the passenger. A tiny, rectangular steering wheel is the only indication that the vehicle is to be driven. Pedals are color-camouflaged to match the flooring so that the red and bamboo elements stand out more. The lower half of the dashboard is made of bamboo slats while the center console runs the length of the interior, splitting the seating as a large bamboo beam.

Technology is inset and mounted onto these wooden elements throughout the XMotion concept's interior. Screens abound, with a control screen between the driver and front passenger, and the aforementioned large screen running the width of the dash. Seven screens in total are found throughout the vehicle.

Behind the second row of seating is the cargo space, which hides two more seats. Overall, the entire interior of the XMotion is aimed towards depicting a Japanese river, atop which sit traditional Japanese elements such as the bamboo and lace-like seating.

The Nissan XMotion concept is an interesting entry at Detroit. It's stylistically unusual, and looks toward what Nissan believes will be the future of the brand and its presence.

There's more information in the following video.

Source: Nissan

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