If our politicians continue contributing to global warming through spouting hot air, Mario Pitsch's concept for the Nomad - a sustainable "cross-country RV for the far future" - may need to become a reality sooner rather than later.

The German industrial designer posits that in a world ravaged by global warming, mankind may be forced to live like nomads again, moving across continents in search of food and other resources, and following the seasonal shift of nature in the same way as our ancestors.

The rugged design of the bug-like Nomad would keep the inhabitants warm, and safe from whatever was left alive outside in a post-apocalyptic world... which doesn't sound too recreational!

And while you might have to readjust to a world without iPhones, espresso machines and wall-sized plasma screens, tripping around in the Nomad should be a little more comfortable than previous nomadic existences.

Pitsch envisages the 18m vehicle would be equipped with solar panels, fog traps to extract water from the air and a 35 square meter greenhouse with an algae reactor for growing food. The Nomad would feature a lightweight foil-shell providing perfect insulation from the elements, and be able to accommodate a three to four person household.

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