If you spend your workday in a busy office, you'll know how difficult it can be to switch off and take a proper break. With this in mind, designer Eden Lew has conceived a wearable isolation pod called the Nutshell that aims to improve the quality of break times.

The idea for the Nutshell, which is similar in principle to the Ostrich Pillow, came about during a design class Lew was taking which tasked students to "redesign the next thing they threw out." In her case, this happened to be a sandwich wrapper, and inspired by the fact that busy people often don't take due time to eat a proper lunch, the designer went on to conceive a pod which blocks out the workspace in a bid to make break times more relaxing.

Lew then added folds and stays to make the Nutshell collapsible, lightweight, and wearable. There are actually two main models of Nutshell: the white Go and black Blackout, and the designer also produced a companion app that encourages meditation while using the Nutshell.

Though the Nutshell remains a concept at present, Lew told Gizmag that she's received such positive feedback for the design that she's exploring the possibility of bringing it to market.

Source: Eden Lew

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