Some of the folks fortunate enough to own yachts are content to navigate ocean water, bathe in rays while sipping on flutes of Dom, and maybe dip a toe in the crystal-blue water. Others, however, yearn to do more during their time at sea. For them, there's the Oceanemo "Sport Utility Yacht." A more active conceptualization of the yacht, the SUY is specially designed around carrying all breeds of toy - from simple PWCs, to helicopters, hovercraft, submarines and supercars. It's engineered from the ground up to have fun ... and loads of it.

Some yachts have tender garages to bring along their own tenders, and some park supercars (even matching ones) and carry helicopters. The Oceanemo can do all that at once ... and still have room for other toys.

The new yacht line is a collaboration between MC Yacht International, French shipyard OCEA and designer Fulvio De Simoni. It's aimed at creating a previously unseen combination of on-water exploration, relaxation and recreation. It all began with the 144-foot Oceanemo 44, introduced several months ago, and continues with the shorter Oceanemo 33, a project that will be presented at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival.

Oceanemo 44

The partners describe the challenge of packing "sports utility yacht" features into "just" 110 feet as a "challenge almost to the limit of impossible," and when you look at the types of space-hungry features onboard, it's easy to see why. The highlight of the new 33 is the 603-sq ft (56-sq m) toy "hangar" designed to accommodate a combination of 23-foot (7 m) tender, 14.7-foot (4.5 m) crew tender, and multiple PWCs, all without taking up so much space as to make the decks and interior anything less than roomy and yacht-like. Some people live in apartments and tiny houses half the size of that hangar or smaller.

In terms of getting those heavy watercraft in and out of the water, the video rendering below shows extendable arms and cables deploying the vessels out the sides of the yacht.

Those onboard boats and toys sound like enough to keep any sea-lover busy for days on end, but perhaps not the Oceanemo 33 owner. Because in addition to the hangar, the 33 has a 495-sq ft (46-sq m) deck (again, larger than some people's entire living spaces) that can hold a 19-foot (5.8 m) fishing boat plus 19-foot day sailer. Or the owner could park his or her two-seat submarine and Quadrofoil. This is also where the inflatable water slide would be hooked up.

And since billionaires and mega-millionaires might be too damn busy to figure out how to best fill their yacht-based gear garages and decks, MC Yacht/Oceanemo has entered into a variety of agreements with vehicle and water toy companies. In May it announced a list of some of these companies and their cutting edge oceanic gadgets and playthings, a list that included the aforementioned Quadrofoil, along with WaterCar, the SeaMax Easy folding-wing amphibious plane, Seamagine personal submarines, FunAir aquatic inflatables and others.

You'll need a bigger Oceanemo if you want to go airborne – the 44 can accommodate that SeaMax, and the larger 55 can also accommodate helicopters – but other than that, you can pack an awful lot of fun aboard the 33.

After reading all that it can carry, you might be left with the impression that the Oceanemo 33 is about as luxurious as a transporter truck, but this vessel is much more than a rolling garage. In fact, despite all that equipment waiting outside, the owner might have days where he never leaves the 312-sq ft (29-sq m) master's suite, which stretches over most of the upper deck and includes a study area and private bathroom. There are also two VIP cabins, two double guest cabins, three crew cabins and a spacious salon.

Back outside, the Oceanemo 33 can relax just as well as it can play. Multiple decks provide an outdoor dining area, space for a bar, and an upper deck lounge for plenty of all-out R&R above the sparkling water, below the golden sun.

It'll take some serious grunt to transport that bulging aluminum hull and accompanying gear out into the ocean, and the Oceanemo 33 provides it via two 475-hp Cat C18 engines that combine for a 13-knot top speed and 10-knot cruising speed (24 and 18.5 km/h). If that feels too slow, well, that's why the Oceanemo tows all breeds of faster watercraft along. A diesel-electric powertrain option is also on offer.

The 33 carries 30,000 liters worth of fuel and 4,500 liters of water. It measures 28 feet (8.5 m) in beam.

If you're wondering what an extra 10 meters will get you in onboard luxury, the Oceanemo 44 also includes amenities like an available swimming pool (takes up some of the toy space), a hot tub, a gym and a larger master suite. Perhaps some of those features will be possible on the 33, but we don't see them mentioned specifically.

The Oceanemo project will be on show at the 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival, beginning September 6. The yacht is ready for construction and starts at a "competitive price below €13 million" (approx. US$14.5 million), a drop from the Oceanemo 44's "competitive price well under €20 million (US$22.5 million). In addition to the 33, 44 and 55 models it plans to market specifically, Oceanemo says it can build custom sizes up to 230 feet (70 m) – that's a big toy chest!

Oceanemo 55

Most of us will never get to experience the on-water fun of an Oceanemo, but we can see what it's all about. The clip below provides a look.

Source: Oceanemo

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