There are a few budget-friendly ways to get into VR these days, but if it's a high-end experience you're after, then you'll typically need to shell out. Oculus continues to bridge the gap, however, today shaving around US$200 off the cost of its Rift headset bundled together with its Touch controllers.

The move follows a recent price drop in March, which saw the cost of a Rift headset cut from $599 to $499. The Oculus Touch motion controllers, meanwhile, dropped from $199 to $99. These controllers allow players to use their hands inside virtual worlds.

Oculus is now offering both for $399 as part of what it calls the Summer of Rift, which it describes as a celebration of VR. What that means in reality, is that the price point is not permanent, with the bundle only available for a "limited time."

This makes Oculus a fair bit cheaper than its biggest rival – the HTC Vive at $800 – but keep in mind you'll need a VR-capable PC system to power it all, which will add another $600 or $700 to the affair. If you're torn between the two, you can check out our full Vive and Rift reviews, though for our part, we think the latter has the former's measure as the best high-end VR system available today.

You can check out the Oculus promo video below.

Source: Oculus

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