Judging by its attractive design and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, we'd guess that the owners of the Off-Grid Guest House aren't lacking in visitors. Located in a rural area on California's coast, it juts out over the hillside, and as its name suggests, runs off-the-grid with solar power and its own well.

The recently-completed Off-Grid Guest House is finished in glass, concrete, steel, and wood. It's topped by a green roof, which is planted with local grass and helps the home blend into the landscape.

Its interior is dominated by a living room that opens up to the outside with sliding glazing and is surrounded by a deck that cantilevers over the hillside. Nearby lies a kitchen and dining area, while the bedroom and bathroom are further inside. A garage and laundry room are adjacent to the guest house, and the main residence, not pictured, is a stone's throw away.

The home is tastefully furnished and the abundance of glazing helps put the focus squarely on the view.

Due to the remote location, there is no mains electricity or water hookup available, so the home (and main residence) is totally powered by a solar power system. LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances were installed to reduce energy demand, and it has its own well and water treatment system, too.

Visitors are kept a comfortable temperature with a combination of radiant underfloor heating, cross ventilation from the operable sliding glass, and a pellet burning stove, as well the insulating green roof.

The Off-Grid Guest House was designed by architect Dan Weber of Anacapa and designer Steve Willson of Willson Design, along with Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

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