It’s a bit ironic that a device whose primary purpose is communication is responsible for so much unsociable behavior. The Offline Glass offers one way of combating unsocial smartphone use by preventing smartphone addicts from choosing their gadget du jour over their friends and significant others.

These days, many people seem to be permanently attached to their smartphones, addicted to messaging, gaming, and social networking seemingly at all times. This unnecessary attachment can get in the way of maintaining relationships, building friendships, and generally socializing with others. It's no fun being sat opposite a friend in a bar who is more interested in their phone than in you.

The Offline Glass offers one possible solution to this problem, though one with the potential to annoy as many people as it helps. It is a standard beer glass with one crucial difference: a wedge of glass has been cut out of the bottom to make it impossible to stand it straight on a table. At least, that is, without the aid of a smartphone to fill the void and keep everything upright.

Despite its admirable goals, the idea does seem to have a couple of potential flaws. Smartphone addicts could simply hold the Offline Glass in their hands at all times while juggling their phone with the other, but this is likely to get tiresome. Many are also likely to feel uncomfortable placing a pint of liquid in a glass with condensation running down the outside on top of their smartphone unless it's waterproof. There's also the problem of the wedge suiting various smartphone makes and models.

The Offline Glass was conceived by ad agency Fischer & Friends, and has been used in a bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil called Salve Jorge. There are currently no plans to trial it anywhere else, or to turn it into a commercial product, despite the fact we could see bars warming to the idea. The glass would no doubt lead to a significant increase in the amount of spilled drinks from patrons who simply forget about the missing wedge, resulting in increased drink sales.

The video embedded below shows the Offline Glass being made and then used by drinkers in Salve Jorge.

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