Polish architecture firm MFRMGR recently unveiled plans to renovate an offshore WWII era watch tower into a water sports hub and research center. The building will also be outfitted with sustainable technology, enabling it to operate using renewable energy sources.

Located roughly 2 km (1.24 miles) offshore from Poland in a bay in the Baltic Sea, the existing watch tower was used in the Second World War to guard a German experimental torpedo plant. It's now largely abandoned and in a sorry state, according to MFRMGR, though the firm says the site does receive some interest from film-makers and divers.

The architects plan to add a third story to the existing two story building, and also brick up some windows and add new windows where deemed appropriate. The top floor will include a bathroom, toilet, and sleeping quarters for up to eight people, while the first floor will feature a sauna, sundeck and storage. The ground floor will sport a kitchen, toilet, and common room.

According to MFRMGR, the facility will be operated using electricity generated from an as-yet undisclosed number of wind turbines and a solar power array, though a petrol generator will also be on site as a backup source of power. The firm also plans to add a rainwater collection system, a vegetable and herb garden, and a bird sanctuary.

Though accessible via boat in summer, the building will require something like an ice boat or hovercraft to gain access in winter when the bay is frozen.

MFRMGR reports that it expects to complete the project by 2016.

Source: MFRMGR

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