April 30, 2008 Featuring an intuitive touch-screen interface and capable of storing up to 3000 CDs in their original quality, the OPUS No4 is pitched at music lovers who want to spend less time managing their collection, and more time enjoying it.

The ultra quiet, passively cooled hard drive, cushioned in eight layers of noise canceling padding, allows 94khz/24bit music playback – 250 times the resolution of CD's. The unit comes preloaded with up to 100 CDs, though the rapid ripping process makes it a simple matter to add the rest of your collection. The OPUS No4 also allows users to burn CDs, and create playlists from the music library and the 4.3-inch color touch-screen displays album artwork and provides color-coded navigation. The OPUS connects to amplifiers or receivers with high-quality analog and digital outputs, and can also connect to your home network via Gigabit Ethernet, or 802.11g wireless. The Internet capability allows users to control their OPUS remotely, and listen to Internet radio. The USB 2.0 interface allows users to backup their music to an external hard drive, and a special Olive-connecter that integrates the OPUS with iPods will be available in the second half of this year.

The OPUS can also connect to up to 10 of the company's MELODY No2 satellite units so that different music can be relayed to 10 rooms simultaneously.

Available in black and silver, prices for the Californian designed and custom built Olive OPUS Nº4 start at USD$1499 for the 320GB model up to USD$1799 for the top of the range 1TB version.

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