Laptop computers are appropriately named, as they do sit nicely on your lap. If you’ve ever tried using one down there, however, you’ll know that it’s not the most ergonomic set-up imaginable – you have to bend your head down, keep your knees up, and feel your thighs getting toasty warm from the computer-generated heat that is evidently not able to disperse into the air. In order to position laptops in other ways, various companies have offered laptop stands to put on your desk, devices for turning your lap itself into a desk-like computer workspace, gizmos that allow you to swivel your laptop over from the passenger seat of your car, or that let you use it beside your bed. If only there was one that held your laptop in front of you while you were lying on your back... there is, of course, and Hong Kong-based company Omax has a variety of them to choose from.

There are several models of Laptop Tables, but they all pretty much come down to the same thing: an easel-like stand with scissor-folding legs on either side. While the more basic models have simple air holes in the back to provide ventilation, the fancier ones have built-in fans that run off the computer’s USB port and silica rubber pad to stop your laptop sliding around.

There are a number of ways that the stands can be used. Folded almost all the way down, they can act as a simple desktop stand. Pulled up a little taller, you can put them on the carpet and sit with your legs out underneath them, or put them over your legs while sitting in a chair. With their legs pulled all the way up, you can use them while standing, or at the side of your bed. And yes, as mentioned, you can also use them in bed, in such a way that your computer is held above your face as you’re lying on your back.

The Omax Laptop Tables are constructed from aluminum and come in a variety of colors. They fold flat when not in use and can also be used for tablets, with or without separate keyboards. Check out their website for more information.

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