September 12, 2007 Sortimo have made a business out of configuring work vehicles for effective storage and usability – like these click-in, click-out van racks for tools and equipment. Their latest utility device is a passenger-seat organizer for travelling sales agents and the like that gives you access to your laptop, files and samples whilst lashing securely and locking into the car, and easily mounting on a trolley for portability.

The Sortimo Organizer is a lockable tub that secures to the passenger seat in your car. It’s got plenty of storage space for files, samples and notes, as well as an extendable, swivel mounted laptop stand to make it easy to use a laptop from the driver’s seat.

Locking to the front seat with a cable, it’s secure enough to leave in the car, but the optional trolley makes it easy to transport the whole thing when necessary.

Sortimo also recommend it as a neat way to secure a back-seat kids’ entertainment system for longer trips; it’s big enough for an XBOX and a monitor, and there’s plenty of room for controllers and adaptors.

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