In a market as saturated as the Bluetooth speaker one, any point of difference can make a ... well, a difference. The Om/One is a Bluetooth speaker that sets itself apart from the pack with its ability to levitate like a miniature Death Star. Its creators claim this not only looks cool, but raises the device's performance above the competition.

Making the Om/One levitate via magnetism isn't just for the visual impact it creates. Instead, the creators of the device claim this unobstructed 360-degree surface area means it is possible to get more sound from a less powerful speaker. Whether you believe these claims or not, the 3-watt speaker uses less power than most other Bluetooth speakers, helping its rechargeable lithium-ion battery provide 15 hours of continuous play at 70 percent volume.

The Om/One speaker orb measures 3.6 in (9.1 cm) in diameter, and weighs in at a levitating-friendly 12 oz (340 g). It features a 75 mm audio driver, and a built-in microphone for making phone calls. The orb floats 1.2 in (3 cm) above the magnetic base, which measures 6.3 in (16 cm) in diameter and 1.6 in (4 cm) in height. While the speaker itself is portable and can be used on its own, the base needs to be plugged into a wall socket.

The Om/One is currently being crowdfunded through the Om Audio website, with the goal of US$100,000 having already been reached. Early backers are being offered the Om/One for $179, with the price rising to $199 when pre-ordering kicks in. As usual with crowdfunding campaigns, please bear in mind there is a risk the product will never make it from the prototype stage to the manufacturing stage. Assuming the company does deliver on its promises, the Om/One is expected to be shipped in December 2014.

The video below shows what the Om/One is capable of, which, despite it looking like the Death Star, doesn't include blowing small planets into smithereens.

Source: Om Audio