The fight for more environmentally-friendly ways of living continues and this time household appliances are getting a boost from innovative French manufacturer De Dietrich, which has come up with an efficient new way to clean the dishes - less power, recycled water and detergent-free.

Its Onis dishwasher takes a whole new approach to automating a common household chore by utilizing ultrasound technology to remove dirt and grime, operating with a minimum of water and an acidifier, such as vinegar, to produce outstanding results. The system makes it more economical and more practical than conventional methods and also cuts operation time by half, while using a closed circuit system to recycle water for additional environmental benefits.

Adopting a stylish, top-loading design, the Onis gains some serious points for style as well, though with no pricing or availability confirmed as yet we can't see it breaking into the mainstream market any time soon.

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