Portable coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes, as the Handpresso Auto and the Hey Joe travel mug demonstrate. The Oomph is yet another crack at perfecting this product, and its makers claim it is "the perfect coffee companion, designed for coffee lovers by coffee geeks."

Combining a portable coffee maker and cup in one, the Oomph works in a very similar way to the Aeropress, albeit with less mess and more portability. You pour coffee grounds and hot water into the inner chamber, then attach the outer shell and plunge it down in order to brew the coffee under pressure, pushing it through the Smart Flow Turbine. You can then add milk and/sugar as desired, and either pour it into a mug or drink it straight from the Oomph.

"The Oomph Coffee Maker came from my love of coffee," says Matthew Deasy, the UK-based creator of the Oomph. "I didn't want to have to put up with stale instant coffee on a train or when hiking. I wanted to have my favorite cup of coffee anywhere I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted."

The Oomph is capable of making and holding up to 13 fl. oz (384 ml) of coffee, which it brews in just 30 seconds. Cleaning the old coffee grinds out takes just 15 seconds thanks to the combination of turbine and plunger. Once brewed, the coffee should stay warm long enough for most commutes thanks to an air barrier insulating the whole thing.

The Oomph is currently being crowdfunded via Kickstarter, with Deasy needing to raise £26,000 (US$40,000) to enter production. At the time of writing a pledge of £37 ($56) or more will put in line for one. Assuming the campaign is successful, and the creators deliver on their promises, the Oomph is due to begin shipping in April 2016.

The video below shows The Oomph in action, as well as creator Matthew Deasy discussing the idea behind the product.

Source: The Oomph

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