Imagine the convenience of brewing a creamy, steaming cup of espresso right in your car and you'll get a sense for the impetus behind the latest creation from Handpresso. The company has added to its range of mobile espresso machines with the Handpresso Auto, a well-designed in-car gadget which is designed to turn just about anyone into a mobile barista.

Weighing in at just under a kilo (880g/1.94 lbs) the Handpresso Auto looks a little like a water bottle you'd carry on a bicycle but the similarity ends there. Powered by 12V DC from the nearest cigarette lighter (it draws 140 watts), you add 1.79 ounces (53ml) of water, a circular E.S.E. (easy serving espresso) 'pod' of coffee grounds, screw on the lid and in two minutes, with steam driven at 232 psi (16 bars), you'll have your fix.

Doubtless the urge to make a cup while on the roll is an exciting prospect, but, as the video below suggests, brew responsibly and pull over safely before firing it up. Of course, if you're gridlocked, you might just be able to make a few bucks selling shots to your fellow prisoners!

The Handpresso Auto costs €149 (around US$200).

Source: Handpresso

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