Real coffee around the campfire: Handpresso portable espresso maker

Real coffee around the campfir...
Handpresso portable espresso maker
Handpresso portable espresso maker
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Handpresso portable espresso maker
Handpresso portable espresso maker
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January 16, 2008 The expression "roughing it" can be a little off the mark these days given the availability of increasingly high-tech camping gear designed to merge the comforts of home with the experience of the great outdoors. One definite sore point among the coffee loving travelers at Gizmag is the need to revert to the instant variety when on the trail, but French "Nomadic Espresso" specialist Handpresso may have just the solution. The Handpresso Wild is a simple, lightweight espresso maker that works without electricity and promises quality coffee with a perfect crema anywhere you can find hot water.

The portable Handpresso Wild works by pumping the unit (like a bicycle pump) up to 16 bar pressure. Hot water is then added to the 50ml reservoir and an E.S.E. pod (Easy Serving Espresso - a sort of specially designed "coffee-bag") inserted before serving the coffee at the push of a button.

E.S.E. pods are an open standard made by more than a hundred coffee merchants so finding a brew to your liking shouldn't be too difficult.

Available in black at a price of 99,00 € (around USD$145), the Handpresso Wild should squeeze in with your travel gear at 22 x 10 x 7cm and weighing 476g.

Further info and a video demo is available at the Handpresso site.

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I am from Puerto Rico and got my Handpresso through Coffee World Puerto Rico: http://www.coffeeworldpuertorico.ecrater.com I received my Handpresso about a week ago. The first expression is that this Handpresso is just nicely built, as well as the case. Making espresso is very easy, and it takes a minute or so to make a cup. I was impressed with the coffee. Believe me for a portable machine, coffee was great. Now my Handpresso substituted my Krups machine. I use Island Joe's ESE pods,Lavazza Grand Crema AND PORTO RICO ESE PODS FROM PUERTO RICO. A good hint is: to make sure the espresso has an ok temperature, I heat up my cup as well as the water container adding the boiling water and then adding the water to make the coffee. I always fill a bit more water (a few drops more) so the ESE pods gets soaked before extraction. And it really takes about 30-38 pumps, no big deal. With this I get a great espresso and crema too. I recommend buying ESE pods buy bulks of 100 or 150, it gets cheaper. The unit works best with the standard 7g E.S.E pod.