What happens when some old army buddies decide to create a mug? Well, in the case of the Battle Mug, they machine the sucker out of a solid block of 6061 T6 billet aluminum, add three military-spec 1913 scope rails on its sides, and stick a carry handle from an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle on one of those rails - they leave the other two open, so users can add their own night-vision scopes, laser sights, or other gear needed for really heavy-duty drinking. Finally, they slap on a US$189 price tag - that's without the handle, which costs an additional $33.95.

The Battle Mug has a 24-ounce (0.7-liter) beverage capacity, and its handle can be removed when it has to submit to the indignity of being washed. It also has a military-spec Type III anodized finish, a crenelated base, and each one comes with its own serial number.

Tough drinkers of the world can order the mug from the company website.

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