The Ora Unico from Nava Design may just be an analog watch, but it's an analog watch that looks like no other on the market. The stainless steel case and leather strap are nothing out of the ordinary, but the face is truly unique. So much so that those who don't know its secret may not be able to read the time.

Designed by Denis Guidone, the Ora Unica is, in many ways, a champion of minimalist design, with the case and strap doing nothing but a perfunctory job. The focus, therefore, is all on the face, which features nothing but a black background and a white squiggle. However, the squiggle isn't a design quirk, instead being used to tell the time.

The short inner arm of the squiggle signifies the hour, with the longer outer arm counting the minutes. This means it isn't the easiest watch in the world to read, and that billing is aided by the distinct lack of numbers running around the outside of the face. But, once your eyes adjust, it's simple enough to figure out roughly what time it is.

The Ora Unico is available to buy for US$180. For that asking price you get a watch which is guaranteed to turn heads and leave strangers puzzled when they ask for the time. It's even waterproof to 30 meters (98 feet), although wearing the Ora Unico would be about making a fashion statement as much as wearing just another timepiece.

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