We've seen quite a few gadgets made out of gold throughout the years. From a gold-plated USB flash drive to a 24 carat Gold- and Platinum-leafed Aston Martin DB7, gold has long been a symbol of class and a way to add a little flash to what might otherwise be an ordinary gadget. Now we can add computer mice to that long list of fancy gold items, with the new Sphere 2 by Ore Object. The mouse is made of surgical grade stainless steel with either a titanium, gold, or platinum finish. Both stain and dirt resistant, the mouse's surface repels germs, and can be easily sanitized if necessary.

Functionality-wise, the Sphere 2 has user-selectable touch and click modes, a rotary scrolling wheel, four-way navigation buttons, and connects to your computer (along with receiving its power) via micro USB. The cable can be detached from the mouse while traveling, and the mouse comes with its own traveling pouch for when you hit the road - a microfiber bag for the titanium model, and a suede bag for both the gold and platinum varieties.

The mouse is certainly pretty flashy, and with its high-end design comes a pretty hefty price tag. You can currently purchase the Sphere 2 from OreObject's website in Titanium for US$185, Gold for US $290, and Platinum for US$320.