Long-standing purveyor of rugged mobile device protection technology Otterbox has announced a new series of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cases to join its existing Defender, Reflex, Impact and Commuter protective shells. The Otterbox Armor Series iPhone case promises to be its toughest to date and the company confidently state that your iPhone will be protected from drops, dust, crushing and even water. Given the reputation for robustness that Otterbox has achieved thus far, we're inclined to take these claims seriously.

While the timing of bringing out a major line of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case mere months away from the next iPhone's probable release may seem slightly puzzling, these two cases are likely just the beginning of the Armor Series and we can safely assume that Otterbox will update its line to include Apple's next iPhone too, when the time comes.

The finer details of the Armor Series are still somewhat sketchy at present, but to tide us over until price and release date are announced, here’s a short teaser video:

Source: Otterbox

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