Credit-card-sized Forkanife sticks it to single-use plastic utensils

Credit-card-sized Forkanife sticks it to single-use plastic utensils
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Single-use plastic utensils are a huge source of waste, but fortunately more and more startups are coming to the party with greener alternatives. The Forkanife from Canada's Cold4ged is a decidedly sleek example, offering eco-conscious diners a sustainable knife and fork set that can be packed up and stowed right in the credit card slot of their wallet.

Much like Outlery's collapsible cutlery set, Magware's magnetic utensils and GoSun's Flatware knife and fork, the Forkanife is aimed at eating away at the huge amount of plastic waste generated by disposable utensils. Each of these have their own way of packing up and slimming down for easy carry, and the Forkanife is similar to GoSun's Flatware in that it is designed to slide into your wallet.

The knife and fork set are crafted from stainless steel and each measure 140 mm (5.5 in) long when extended and feature a locking latch halfway down.

This enables them to be folded in half and slid into a rigid carry case made from recycled plastic, which is designed to fit right in one of the card slots of your wallet, with a total weight of 53 g (1.9 oz).

Cold4ged is also offering an RFID-blocking carry case, which comes with space for a few extra cards and is available via an early CA$25 (US$19) pledge over at its Kickstarter campaign. If everything goes to plan, the company expects to start shipping in April this year.

Forkanife, an innovative replacement to plastic cutlery.

Source: Cold4ged, Kickstarter

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Been using a Gobites Uno daily at work and on the go for a few years now. I'd much rather have a spoon than a knife, and being small enough to fit in your wallet is just a gimmick to me. The Uno doesn't have any hard to clean nooks and crannies. Plus a flat fork is quite frankly awkward to use. Forks evolved with the curve in them for a reason.
Way back we used in army three in one eating utensil, lockable with pivot and holes system on the end of the parts,
History Nut
Just go on eBay and get an old BSA or GSA camping knife, fork and spoon set. They are a little bulkier but certainly sturdy high quality utensils. The credit card size feature is nice but not that important. Currently I am awaiting my crowdfunded GoSun set to try them out.