Ungoverned powerboard is back, as the quicker electric Vendetta

Ungoverned powerboard is back,...
The Ungoverned Vendetta takes to the sand
The Ungoverned Vendetta takes to the sand
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The Ungoverned Vendetta takes to the sand
The Ungoverned Vendetta takes to the sand
While the prototype version of the Vendetta is "splashproof," the commercial model may be completely submersible
While the prototype version of the Vendetta is "splashproof," the commercial model may be completely submersible

It was eight years ago that we first heard about the Ungoverned powerboard, which could be described as a gas-powered, caterpillar-tracked, all-terrain skateboard/snowboard. Well, it's now being offered in a lighter, faster, electric form, called the Vendetta.

The original Ungoverned powerboard – now referred to as the One – was invented by Australian surfer/snowboarder/skateboarder Dan Baldwin, who previously created a similar prototype device known as the Scarpar. Back in 2014, he told us that an electric version of the One was coming. The Vendetta is that board, and it's currently the subject of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Like the One, the Vendetta has an articulated snowboard-like deck that the rider stands on, underneath which are two inline snowmobile-like treads. The rider steers by shifting their weight. Instead of the One's 4-stroke internal combustion engine, though, the Vendetta is propelled by two brushless DC electric motors – one for each tread, allowing for variable front/rear traction control.

While the prototype version of the Vendetta is "splashproof," the commercial model may be completely submersible
While the prototype version of the Vendetta is "splashproof," the commercial model may be completely submersible

The motors are powered by a swappable lithium-ion battery pack, which is claimed to be good for an average ride time of 40 minutes based on a 75-kg (165-lb) user travelling at 25 km/h (16 mph) on flat ground. Because of its small gas tank, the One actually offered a shorter 30-minute ride duration.

The Vendetta is also lighter than its predecessor – 19.5 kg (43 lb) vs 49 kg (108 lb) – and faster, with a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph) as opposed to 30 km/h (19 mph). Additionally, whereas the One's engine was controlled by a cable-actuated throttle, the Vendetta utilizes a handheld wireless controller for acceleration and braking – that device additionally displays information such as current speed and battery charge level.

Potential backers should take note that the Vendetta's rather confusing Indiegogo page is currently being revamped, and should soon be offering a new range of pledge levels and perks. The vehicle's planned retail price is AUD$6,995 (about US$5,106).

You can see one of the prototypes in action, in the following video.

UPDATE (Sept. 24/21): The Ungoverned Vendetta is now available for a pledge of AUD$6,995 (about US$5,106), with a planned retail price of AUD$7,995 (US$5,800).


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Sick, but I'm skeptical about it's turning radius. I think I've seen box trucks turn around in narrower spaces than this appears to be able to.
And for only $5600! Umm yeah, about that...
Dan Baldwin
Hey @Chase thanks for your comment, there are other videos avail that display better turning. I will see if I can get some uploaded to our website asap. Keen to come for a test ride?
Dan Baldwin
Thanks @Ben Coxworth & New Atlas for covering this. Extremely stoked to be back here after so many years.
Re- our Indiegogo Campaign Ben... thanks for the heads up, just ironing out a few items with it now. You were right, it was confusing. Cheers! /Dan
Warren Lee
I would love a test ride. That’s as close to land surfing I’ve ever seen
Unicycles are 19 years ahead
Hey Dan if you make a lower cost version single track which can replace or fit under the skis on an electric snowmobile I will buy it as will many others able to travel year round quietly with little earth impact. The power could be on off used for climbing with coasting saving batteries as the main sled track regenerates the battery. If this is not yet on your Radar but some day it is please hook me up with a prototype.
Stephen Shugart
Obscene and beyond offensive that they would use Martin Luther King's voice exhorting racial equity to promote a toy for privileged people as "liberated" to ride a fancy, expensive board, a toy, as fast as possible tearing up rough terrain. I would never support this company for this ignorant marketing perversion of sacred speech.
Quite the fun looking toy, folks. Of course, the price is outrageous (as with all sports toys in all venues) but I'll bet they sell quite a few. And, once they start selling a few and have parts break, I'll guarantee that they sell at least 1000x the number of tracks than they do boards each year. DIY LIVES!
This might be an option for special forces,more compact than electric bikes. Probably a little training would be needed to keep troupers from falling off.
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