Are you an Apple Watch early adopter that also uses Outlook for iOS? If so, you'll be happy to hear that Microsoft pushed out an update to its Outlook app today that plays nicely with Apple's wearable.

The Apple Watch app has Outlook's feature list basically lining up with those in Apple's own Mail app. The Outlook app pushes new email notifications to your watch, lets you tap on an alert to read the full message and gives you reply options – including canned responses, voice dictation and emoji. It also lets you archive or schedule emails from the notification.

Outlook also includes a "Glance" (Apple Watch widgets that live a swipe-up away from the main clock face) that gives you a quick peek at your inbox situation and next calendar event:

The Apple Watch support extends Microsoft's multi-platform ("mobile first, cloud first") strategy that's become the dominant theme under CEO Satya Nadella's tenure. The Outlook app joins several other Microsoft appearances on Apple's wearable, including OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint and Skype.

The new Microsoft accepts the fact that its rivals' mobile platforms are far more popular than its own, and is making a strong case for its apps as the best to run on their devices (even when Microsoft sells a wearable of its own).

Source: App Store

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