Outrider's eBikes have earned themselves quite a following in recent years, among sensible commuters who want a little boost, and among speed freaks who love the mini-motorbike feeling you get from a fast eBike. Having run a successful crowdfunding campaign in early 2014, Outrider's off-road capable Horizon is now available to buy, regardless of whether you're disabled or able-bodied.

As is the case with the road-going Outrider models, there are a number of different configurations available on the Horizon. The first model is all-electric with a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), and combines a 2 kW motor with batteries ranging from one to four kWh. Range for the base model is between 25 and 40 miles (40/64 km/h), and goes up in 25 mile increments with every kWh added to the battery capacity.

According to its creators, the high-torque motor is able to handle 15 percent grades, and the 4-inches (102 mm) of suspension travel is enough to smooth out rutted, rough terrain. On big downhills, the aluminum and chromoly frame is pulled up by 7 inch (180 mm) hydraulic Shimano disc brakes, which should be plenty powerful enough to stop 250 lb (113 kg) worth of rider and their tricycle.

Those same motor and battery combinations are available with a regular pedal electric drivetrain, and a handcycle electric drivetrain, making it configurable for people with different disabilities. In fact, there are nine different combinations of pedals, footrests and tri-pin electric controls which can be customized based on the user's individual needs. The seat can also be raised up to better suit different body types and shapes.

Moving away from the basic drivetrain, there are a number of accessories available to buyers who want a fully-loaded trike capable of crushing trails in any conditions. Savvy buyers are able to add everything from a hardwired LED headlamp to waterproof panniers and off-road tires, although some of the prices seem a little bit steep. US$140 for a headrest? Really?

Then again, the potential for this trike to give disabled cyclists a taste of the great outdoors is huge, and people are generally willing to pay for the privilege of making their car, bike or trike a true reflection of their needs.

Pricing starts at US$12,985 for the all-electric Horizon, while jumping to the pedal-electric version will set you back $13,985. The price jumps up to $15,985 for the combination electric-handcycle.

Source: Outrider

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