February 18, 2009 Use the right tool for the job. So goes the old adage, but in our multi-purpose, multi-tasking modern world, if you can find one tool that can do two or more jobs, and do them well, so much the better. Mobile adventure gear designer and manufacturer Sylvan Sport has applied this principle to the world of trailers with the “GO Mobile Adventure Gear”, a multi mode system that readily morphs from a low profile trailer to a heavy recreational hauler to a comfortable camper, catering for the adrenaline-fueled adventurer through to the family in need of a light weight trailer for weekend getaways. Add to this the fuel saving attributes of a trailer that weighs just 700lbs and the ability to be pulled behind almost any vehicle and you have a versatile product with the potential to carve out a new niche in the RV market.

Travel Mode

Cedar Mountain based Sylvan Sport says that the sleek “GO” is a “you-hardly-know-it’s-there trailer and can be easily towed behind most any vehicle”. It features 24 cubic feet of waterproof gear storage (9 cubic feet lockable) and can cruise with kayaks and canoes plus racking for bikes, boards and all of your other fun recreational gear. The Travel Mode also offers 13 inches of ground clearance and high-flotation tires enabling better access for off-road use. Sylvan Sports advise that at home the trailer can be utilized for your handy man needs, handling full sheets of plywood and yard workloads like any full-size pickup. Weighing in at only 700lbs., the “GO” can haul up to 800lbs.

Transport Mode

In the Transport mode the “GO” transforms from a low-profile trailer to a heavy-duty toy hauler. Sylvan Sport says that the easy-to-raise-roofing-system takes only minutes to erect via the inbuilt cranking system with no additional tools being required. The proprietary control tilt cargo deck with hydraulic damping system enables the deck to be downloaded eliminating the need for ramps. This allows for easy loading of your serious adventure gear including All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), go carts, dirt bikes, boats or any additional sports equipment, all with the Travel Modes roof racks and enhanced torsion suspension still in play.

Camping Mode

Once at your camping destination, the “GO” shifts from Transport Mode to Camping Mode with its built-in tent deployment and bedding-pod systems. Deploying a hard-roofed Kelty tent system, the camper can accommodate up to four people. There are multiple sleeping configurations available, with custom self-inflating mattresses from Pacific Outdoor Equipment; the bed panels can convert into tables for mealtimes or be stored in the overhead compartment to create more space. The camping pod on gas struts allows for easy assembly and disassembly, opening to create a spacious weather sealed compartment.

The wrap

Made in the USA from recyclable materials, the relatively well priced USD$8,000 “GO” sits somewhere between a larger RVs and the traditional pop-up camper. It has the features and design to appeal to either today’s young and active families or the single outdoor enthusiast and its flexibility of use and space saving functions ensure that it wont sit around taking up valuable back-yard real estate for 11 months of the year. We see a bright future for this kind of innovation.

For further information see SylvanSport.

David Greig

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