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Packaging innovation promises to reduce landfill

Packaging innovation promises ...
Coldpack Airliner packaging solution
Coldpack Airliner packaging solution
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Coldpack Airliner packaging solution
Coldpack Airliner packaging solution

November 14, 2008 Each year an estimated 20 billion cubic feet of styrofoam is used globally for the shipment of 250 million perishable packages. Once the packages have arrived safely, this quickly translates to mountains of landfill. Coldpack's eco-friendly alternative is an inflatable insulating liner that converts a corrugated box into a cooler with better insulation and cushioning properties than styrofoam, reducing supply chain costs as well landfill.

The AirLiner is manufactured using layers of reflective barrier film that blocks heat transfer and enable perishables to be shipped in a temperature-controlled environment. The unique thermal design is aimed at shipping products such as pharmaceuticals, biotech products, high-end seafood and meats, gourmet foods, chocolates, fresh cut flowers, live tropical fish and specialty industrial material products which must maintain specific temperature ranges.

In addition to reducing landfill, AirLiner uses only 50 percent of the raw materials, water and energy necessary for production versus that needed for a thermally equivalent foam container. Further advantages to business customers include reduced storage space for the packages, added protection of products, a reduction in freight charges and claims for damaged products and although unfortunately it’s not recyclable, the AirLiner disposes compactly after use.

Currently, more than five million AirLiners have been around the globe and Coldpack estimates its design has the potential to wipe-out a massive 19.1 billion cubic feet of the packaging industry’s waste per year - we wish them well!

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