Repetitive strain injury caused by prolonged use of a computer is an ongoing problem, however we are continuing to see innovative ideas designed to alleviate the issue. Among these is the simple yet sensible Pad N’Click. A trio of adhesive gel pads stick to a user’s mouse, promoting more natural hand and finger positioning, in turn increasing comfort and reducing stress on joints.

The Pad N’Click adhesive gel pads can be reapplied several times and feature two pads for the fingers placed over the mouse as well as a circular pad that is positioned where the user’s palm is rested. This not only provides a softer surface to rest ones hand on, but also improves the overall position of a user’s hand, promoting more “gripping” than “pressing”, meaning less stress on the user’s wrist.

The concave design of the finger pads encourages the fingers to bend in a more natural position rather than remain straight when clicking. Increasing the total surface of contact results in a more even distribution of pressure.

Jacob Innovations is also developing a “Gelo Mouse” model, which will incorporate ergonomic gel into the body of the mouse.

Pad N’Click is retailing for around US$5.

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