If you're currently crammed into an uncomfortable airline coach seat, hanging onto the Internet by the thread of dodgy, overpriced in-air Wi-Fi, you might want to just bookmark this article for later. It'll only frustrate and enrage you. Otherwise, read on to find out how Airbus' already luxe, spacious ACJ319neo corporate jet has improved that much more with help from the Italian hypercar experts at Pagani. Imagine yourself cruising high above the congested earth below, sipping champagne and letting your eyes wander between the flat-panel TV and views of the blue sky above.

Airbus Corporate Jets' ACJ320 business jet family already enjoys spacious, comfortable cabin designs. Airbus uses the family's wide, tall cabin to create open spaces loaded with amenities like bedrooms, conference/dining areas, wraparound sofas and entertainment systems. These jets are more like comfy apartments than any aircraft the average traveler is accustomed to.

Airbus' ACJ319 "Elegance" cabin is quite attractive itself, but we can see how Pagani has helped raise the bar

To experiment with an even more dynamic ACJ319neo cabin design, Airbus partnered up with Pagani to create the Infinito (infinity in Italian). Both companies showed something special in Geneva this past March, Pagani with its Huayra Roadster and Airbus with the Pop.Up modular flying car concept created with Italdesign, and last week the Swiss city hosted their announcement of the new cabin collaboration.

Pagani's design team was tasked with creating the initial Infinito design, and Airbus' team applied its aircraft-specific expertise to massage that vision into a finished cockpit that reflects the over-the-top worlds of both corporate jets and seven-figure sports cars.

With open-air views of the sky fresh on its mind from its latest roadster, Pagani helped create a different open-air experience in the Infinito cabin. The sky ceiling stretches over top passengers displaying a live feed of the sky above. Should staring at the sky become boring, other images can also be displayed on the ceiling.

Passengers will keep comfy and entertained below that strip of blue sky, enjoying entertainment from the comfort of a specially prepared lounge. The sofa looks like a series of sports car seats, complete with quilted leather and carbon fiber frames. That high-back sofa stands in front of a long console and large wall-mounted television.

A carbon-fiber framed wall separates the lounge from the conference/dining area and can switch from transparent to opaque at the push of a button. The conference area includes a table with seating for six and a few scattered single seats for more personal work and relaxation. The seats feature the same carbon-fiber, quilted-leather styling as the sofa, albeit with an armchair structure.

The carbon fiber and quilted leather clearly tie in with Pagani cars, as do the soft-leather carpets split by wood aisles. Sculpted metal hardware and LED mood lighting further embellish the design, and curvaceous valences and surfaces bring a hint of nature into the fold.

Airbus and Pagani presented the Infinito cabin design at last week's European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBASE).

Source: Airbus

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