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Pressed for time? Panasonic’s award-winning 360° Quick steam/dry iron could help you out

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If I had to make a list of the most boring and thankless household jobs - then ironing would definitely be in number one spot. So anything that can make that tiresome task a little easier is worth a look. Panasonic’s new 360° Quick Multidirectional iron promises to not only reduce ironing time but it also makes side-to-side movements easier and can be used in any direction.

The oversized, non-stick titanium soleplate has an elliptical shape with pointed ends. It is also slightly curved outward - this assists in making side-to-side movements smoother and allows you to remove wrinkles in any direction. According to Panasonic, this unique iron can reduce ironing time by 25% over Panasonic conventional corded irons that only move in one direction.

The iron is designed to create a natural ergonomic movement for the user and the multi-directional functionality is particularly useful for those tight areas like shirt collars and cuffs. Additional steam vents on the soleplate also help to reduce ironing time. It features 3-way auto shut-off with a stay-clean vent system and anti-drip system.

The Quick steam/dry iron - model NI-W750TS - just took out a 2010 Innovations Award in the Home Appliances category from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) which runs in conjunction with CES 2010. Dan Silver, Director, Home Appliance Group, Panasonic Home & Health Company said, "We are proud that the unique new design of the Panasonic 360° Quick Iron has been recognized by the CEA for its engineering, aesthetic qualities and useful features – as we were dedicated to improve the ironing process by redesigning the conventional iron.”

The 360° Quick steam/dry iron is available from Panasonic for US$49.95 and will be on display at the CES Innovations 2010 Showcase.

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