Today at IFA, Panasonic announced its first-ever 4K OLED television. The 65-inch 4K Viera CZ-950 has been color-tuned in collaboration with professional Hollywood colorist Mike Sowa, and is designed to deliver colors – including an "Absolute Black" – the way that directors and cinematographers intended.

The CZ-950 utilizes a modified version of Panasonic's 4K Studio Master Processor, allowing each pixel to "create its own individual light and color output," just as other OLED screens do.

The Absolute Black function addresses what the company says has been a challenge with such screens, however – shifting from complete black to subtly lighter shades. Whereas other OLED TVs may represent all shades of black as one, the CZ-950 is reportedly better at gradating them, allowing previously-unseen details in images to be visible.

In order to access this function and other movie-image-optimizing features, users first need to select the TV's True Cinema picture preset.

The CZ-950 is also outfitted with an aluminum pedestal and an Alcantara-upholstered rear cover, plus it's reportedly the first OLED TV to be THX-certified. It will be available in Europe starting next month, at a price that has yet to be released.

Source: Panasonic

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