Panasonic has launched a new business phone which features a color touchscreen interface, the ability to view live video feeds and even control cameras from the phone itself, an SD card slot for data and programming backup and USB, ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity.

The first thing you notice about the new KX-NT400 IP network business telephone from Panasonic is its 5.7in 320 x 240 color LCD touchscreen user interface with 48 function buttons and a customized version of Internet Explorer for viewing corporate intranet pages. The interface gives users the opportunity to access business applications on the screen to check delivery schedules, order tracking and so on whilst talking to customers. The display can also be used to view live video feeds from up to 20 network cameras, allowing users to control tilt, pan and zoom from the phone itself.

Panasonic's Bill Taylor said that the KX-NT400 is: "perfect for locations where a PC is not practical or desirable, the stylish NT400 IP network phone enhances productivity from the back office to your home office, providing a flexible and reliable way to manage your business and personal contacts, check work applications, view network camera feeds and much more, right from your desk. And the built-in Communications Assistant software makes a number of progressive features possible, including Voice Mail Assistant, which enables users to visually manage messages on the phone’s screen."

As well as an optional module for Bluetooth to enable the use of wireless headsets, the KX-NT400 also benefits from an SD card slot which enables the backup of programming information and important data. The unit supports Power over Ethernet that allows data and electrical power to be transmitted over an ethernet cable and sports a PC LAN port and a USB port. Naturally, there's also a built-in speakerphone for hands-free calling.

The KX-NT400 is available now.

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