May 1, 2008 Window film maker, Panorama has launched new software that allows its window film installers to calculate the environmental and cost-saving benefits of installing window film on small commercial and residential buildings. The Panorama Specularis Energy Analysis and Film Selection Tool not only calculates energy savings, but identifies the ideal window film for the property and accurately calculates the return on investment for window film installation.

The new software is only available through certified Panorama window film dealers and gives their customers a reliable and quantifiable assessment of energy savings and comfort with calculations determined by climate inside and outside. Based on customized data, including number and type of windows, room dimensions, building direction and other factors, Panorama Specularis generates a realistic energy analysis of the desired area that outlines solar energy absorption and rejection, and calculates energy consumption before – and after - installation of the window films. The software also uses certified climate data from the Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI) to show the exact energy savings and comfort improvements customers can expect. Based on the data generated by measurements of the building and the existing atmosphere, the software can define what type of window film will provide the best energy savings and return on investment, measured by how much money can be saved during warmer months once window film is installed. Because window films are designed to maintain consistent and cooler temperature, Panorama Specularis can indicate how much energy a window film installation can save based on reduced costs related to air conditioning. The software also validates which window films will provide the optimal solar protection, and brings greater accuracy to preparing estimates and proposals. This has obvious advantages to customers in ensuring they get the best solution for their money.

Further info at Panorama.

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