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Pantech dual-LCD sliding phone with OLED touch screen keypad offering tactile feedback

Pantech dual-LCD sliding phone with OLED touch screen keypad offering tactile feedback
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May 9, 2007 Korean handset manufacturer Pantech will launch its new IM-R200 dual-LCD sliding phone onto the Korean market this month. The IM-R200 comes equipped with two screens – a 2 inch 260K QVGA TFT main display and a 1.6 inch 260K OLED touch-sensitive screen which replaces the standard keypad. When the phone is opened, the virtual keypad shows up on the touch-sensitive 1.6” 260K OLED LCD, allowing users to dial numbers and view contacts with the stroke of a finger. The advantage is that the touch screen keypad offers a fun and easy way to use its multimedia applications with separate and virtual interfaces for each function. For example, the touch sensitive LCD displays various lists of songs when the phone is used as a music player, while it shows camera functions when used as a camera. The capacitive touch screen vibrates when pressed, offering tactile feedback to give the feel of real buttons.

The dual camera – a 2 MPX camera and a VGA camera - mounted on the IM-R200 features face recognition function; it can recognize the shape of a face and automatically adjust exposure when shooting.

Other highlights include an MP3 player, 128 polyphonic ringtones, document viewer functionality, PictBridge and an electronic dictionary.

The IM-R200 will be launched in Korea this month under the SKY brand and will be supplied to SK Telecom and KTF, two of the top three wireless operators in Korea.

IM-R200 features include:CDMA 1x EV-DOTouch screen keypad with tactile feedbackSize: 102.7 x 46.5 x 16.9 mmWeight: 104g

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