Partnership to enhance fuel cell commercialization

Partnership to enhance fuel cell commercialization
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August 16, 2007 Two fuel cell innovators have teamed up to introduce a new range of portable power solutions beginning with a 50 watt emergency power unit. The strategic relationship between Millennium Cell and Horizon Fuel Cell is designed to bring a competitive and cleaner alternative to today’s lead acid battery-based power systems.

Horizon brought fuel cell technology to the general public with the launch of a miniature hydrogen fuel cell car in 2006, the world's first consumer fuel cell product that was selected by Time Magazine as Best Invention of 2006, labeled one of the Coolest New Products on the Planet by Business 2.0 and Silver Award winner for Best Product Design of 2007 according to Business Week. The company is leveraging its success with small and simple products to create fuel cell power systems for increasingly demanding applications.

As part of this new relationship, Horizon licensed Millennium Cell's "Hydrogen on Demand" technology for the purpose of co-developing compatible hydrogen fuel cartridges for the next wave of Horizon fuel cell products set to hit the market in 2008.

“We are delighted to secure a licensing relationship with this industry-leading fuel cell innovator. Horizon has already made the leap into high volume fuel cell production in China and has extensive experience and distribution capability in the marketplace. We are enthusiastic about launching a new generation of Hydrogen on Demand enabled fuel cell power products with Horizon in 2008”, commented Adam P. Briggs, Millennium Cell President.

The first in the new range is of fuel cell products is a 50W emergency power unit designed to support disaster relief professionals, enable communication during black-outs, and provide recreational power in remote environments.

Visit the Millennium Cell or Horizon Fuel Cell websites for further information including a useful explanation of the technologies involved.

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