Yachts, often being a plaything of the wealthy, are a fertile breeding ground for flamboyant and luxurious new designs. One such concept is the 55 m (180 ft) X-Easy motor yacht designed by Monaco-based Pastrovich Studio. The X-Easy is designed for the fun, relaxation and wellness of those on-board.

Pastrovich explains that an "X" in its model names relates to the company's concept designs. The "Easy" part of the name, in this case, is said to be indicative of usability, peace of mind, comfort and privacy.

To begin with, the X-Easy concept has a diesel-electric engine, but Pastrovich tells Gizmag this could just as well be a full diesel or even a hybrid engine. Hybrid engines, explains the firm, lend themselves well to a boat used primarily as a watersports hub, as they allow for moving around a bay to source a good spot using electric power and without having to start up the main engines.

Facilities on the boat are designed to be easily manageable so that the crew can be kept to a minimum. Only nine crew members are required, which helps to foster a familiar, family-feel amongst all those on board.

The yacht's layout is designed to be easily adaptable, with fixed furniture kept to a minimum. Loose furniture instead allows for spaces on the yacht to be reconfigured as required. The spaces themselves are open and flow easily between inside and out. This, says Pastrovich, creates a bright, fresh and simple "beach house" atmosphere.

The brightness and freshness of the X-Easy is further fostered by the use of natural materials throughout. The materials used, both internally and externally, include teak, bamboo, stone and linen.

Amongst the facilities on-board are a spa and gym for helping passengers to stay healthy and fit. A bow terrace with a dining table provides a quiet and private space for eating and chatting. The stern of the boat is dedicated to the beach house lifestyle that the concept is designed to achieve. The stern, meanwhile, is kept separate from the main section, with side-access helping to avoid any disturbance to life on board the vessel.

A variety of "toys" are incorporated into the concept, include a jet-ski, inflatables, small sailboats, a jellyfish pool and standup paddle boards. All these are stored in a space under the main deck that is accessible through hatches in the side of the hull.

Although the X-Easy is designed as a concept, Pastrovich tells Gizmag that it hopes to bring the design to fruition in the future.

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