If you went into a store without any cash, cards or mobile devices, would you be able to buy anything? Well, if both you and the store were using the new PayTouch service, the answer would be yes – all that you’d need to do is place two of your fingers on the fingerprint scanners of the PayTouch terminal.

When users first start with the system, they register their fingerprints at a PayTouch Enrollment station at a participating business. Those prints are then linked with one or more of the user’s debit or credit cards.

Once everything is up and running, the user can make purchases simply by placing two of their fingers on the dual fingerprint scanners of a PayTouch mobile payment device – they can use either their right index and middle finger, or left middle and ring finger. As soon as the system verifies their identity via their fingerprints, the payment is automatically made from the linked card.

The whole process takes only about five seconds, and requires no passwords, signatures, or pretty much anything other than two fingers. Additionally, PayTouch is reportedly free to use, involving no fees or commissions.

More information is available in the video below.

Source: PayTouch via Engadget