PC-Controlled Desktop Digital Photography Studio

PC-Controlled Desktop Digital Photography Studio
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August 5, 2005 Taking professional-quality photographic images usually requires a professional photographer. In some controlled situations though, where the variables are limited and the throughput is high, there’s a need for a professional “studio-in-a-box” such as the Photosimile tabletop digital photography studio. The Photosimile comes in two sizes (100 and 200) and can be used by anyone to create professional, colour-accurate and shadow-free photographs that are perfect for websites, product catalogs, online auctions, quality control, enhanced business communication and Ebay vendors. Photosimile works with any digital camera as a photography light box, however when used with a compatible digital camera, Photosimile becomes a powerful PC-controlled photography studio using software that simplifies and automates image capture and processing. Compatible digital cameras include: the Canon PowerShot A and G series and the Olympus C series.

Taking shadow-free and color accurate pictures with a PC-controlled Photosimile studio requires no photography experience. Photosimile software controls all camera and light box functions. Users click 'Preview' in the software to generate a real-time view of items inside the studio on their monitor screen then compose pictures using 'Zoom-In', 'Zoom-Out', 'Rotate' and 'Crop' commands. Pressing 'Snap' takes and automatically sends the picture to the PC monitor screen in seconds. Captured images can be annotated, emailed, exported to other programs, batch saved / re-sized, deleted and more. Photosimile also represents the next generation of digital imaging technology for the office space. With Photosimile, any office employee can quickly and easily create 3D color images for business communication.

"Regardless of the industry, Photosimile makes it easy for companies to save money by creating professional-quality photographs for print, the web or business communication, in-house," said Sam Shearer, Managing Director, Ortery Technologies, Inc.

Photosimile 100 and 200 are available and retail for US$1,200.00 and US$1,700.00, respectively. Photosimile software is compatible with Windows ME and above, but if you want to use it on a Mac you’ll need Virtual PC. Seems silly really, because we see a large part of the market for this machine being in the Mac arena.

Distributed in the United States by Ortery, and also in the UK, France and Australia.

View gallery - 5 images
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