Feeling pretty good about last year's Capture Camera Clip, Peak Design is back with another camera-hauling accessory. The Leash is a versatile strap that carries and holds your camera in all kinds of convenient ways.

Peak Design originally envisioned the Leash as a safety tether for the Capture clip. While working on that design, the company realized that it had much more potential. It developed it into a versatile strap solution with several easily configured forms.

Peak Design's system uses small anchors that tie around any loop on a camera or piece of gear with a simple cow hitch/lark's head knot. The leash itself snaps into the anchors with its glass-filled nylon resin clips. The Leash is 60 inches of seatbelt-style webbing that quickly adjusts into a neck strap, sling, safety tether or video stabilizer. As was its original intention, it also works seamlessly with the Capture Camera Clip. It is designed to work with cameras of all shapes and sizes and can hold up to 200 lbs (91 kg).

There's also a second model – the Cuff – that is similar to the Leash, only smaller. It is 8 inches of webbing that functions as a hand strap and can be carried as a bracelet.

Peak Design believes the Leash solves some of the problems common to other camera straps and keep up with even the most active photographers. The system is designed to be easily attached and removed, versatile enough to keep pace with different cameras and lens configurations, lightweight, and inexpensive. The materials are small enough to slide into a pocket when you don't need them and simple enough to install in seconds.

Peak Design has launched the Leash on Kickstarter, as it did with the Capture clip. It has already shot well past its funding goal and hopes to get certain Kickstarter orders shipped in time for Christmas.

The Leash will retail for US$40 and come with four anchors when it officially hits the market. The Cuff will retail for $20 and come with two anchors.

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