If you have a commuter bike that you fuss over, then you doubtless try not to ding its paint when locking it up against immovable objects. Taiwan-based cycling entrepreneur Sumchi Wu has developed something that should help keep that from happening, in the form of his Pedal Park magnetic pedals.

The concept is pretty simple – they're regular platform pedals with strong magnets on the ends, that stick to metal objects such as sign posts, light posts, bike racks or parking meters. This means that when you park your bike against one of those things, it will be held in position by the inside pedal, keeping it from slipping over and banging its frame.

Wu has turned to Indiegogo to fund production of the pedals, where a pledge of US$45 will get you a pair in aluminum alloy – assuming all goes according to plans, that is. He's also offering a plastic version for $30. Included in the price are two "parking plates," which are metal plates that you can mount on your wall to keep your Pedal Park-equipped bike held up when it's at home.

The pedals are demonstrated in the following video.

Hopefully for Wu, he'll have better luck than the makers of the unsuccessfully crowdfunded Stokbikes pedals, which folded back to reveal magnets inside.

Source: Indiegogo