Percussa launched an e-music system called AudioCubes about 10 years ago, made up of chunky smart cubes that could communicate wirelessly with each other and a computer running music production software. The cubes could then be moved around to control software settings and sounds. Dedicated synthesis software called Synthor was added in 2015, adding the Remote controller and base station module last year. Now the company has cut the computer cables with the introduction of a dedicated hardware synth called the Engine, to create a modular synthesis setup called the Synthor System 8.

The Synthor System 8's Engine packs a 1.8 GHz quad-core Cortex A17 processor running a Linux Kernel, 64-bit parallel digital signal processing and a 1,600 x 480 resolution high visibility display. There are MIDI In, Thru and Out ports, and SD card slot and USB host and device ports. Sound is routed through a six channel 192 kHz/32-bit DAC.

Percussa says that the Engine offers config-free integration with the supplied Remote module, which is used to tweak parameters, control settings, fire sounds and activate presets. The Engine can be mounted above the Remote on stiletto-heeled aluminum rack ears for improved usability.

Completing the Synthor System 8 package are eight latest generation AudioCube controllers, though more can be added if required. The setup supports up to 16 wireless devices in one network. Percussa says that the wireless technology at the heart of its products was developed specifically for musicians and has already earned its stripes in terms of reliability and performance.

There's no word on availability or pricing as of writing, and the only imagery we have is renders. But the company says it will be demonstrating the system at its Winter NAMM booth in California later this week.

Source: Percussa

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