Come in Rover: the Pet sensing doorbell

Come in Rover: the Pet sensing...
Pet sensing doorbell
Pet sensing doorbell
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Pet sensing doorbell
Pet sensing doorbell

October 6, 2008 Pets don't have knuckles with which to rap on the door, but technology can help when your furry friend wants to come in or out. The Pet Sensing Doorbell uses a smart key attached to your cat or dog’s collar to activate a cordless doorbell and alert you to their presence - no barking or scratching required.

The small smart key works by transmitting a coded signal that rings the doorbell when it comes within range (adjustable from 6" to 3'). The tone sounds for about seven seconds and repeats every five to 10 seconds until the animal moves away. The volume is adjustable to four levels, with a maximum of 101 decibels (about as loud as a motorcycle). It can also be turned off if you don’t wish to be disturbed at night.

The package comes with one smart key that can be used with up to five pets. The ABS doorbell housing mounts within 24" of the floor near the door opening, and includes a low-battery indicator and a picture holder. Three C batteries will provide power to the doorbell for six to 10 months and the smart key uses an included RFA-67 battery. This is a particularly nifty device for renters or anyone unable to install a pet door in their home.

The Pet Sensing Doorbell is available for USD$79.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer and SkyMall.

Emily Clark

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