Pet Umbrella is a dog's best friend

Pet Umbrella is a dog's best friend
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This is pure genius. Lieben, a company based in Japan, has created an umbrella that will keep your dog nice and dry when you walk him on a rainy day. The concept is surprisingly simple. It looks like a regular umbrella, but the canopy is inverted so that when you point it downwards it's actually right-side up. The umbrella is transparent as well so as to not impede the dog's vision.

I've never been a fan of clothes or accessories for dogs, but speaking as a proud dog-owner I think this one looks pretty Gizmagnificent. The umbrella includes a short leash on the tip that can attach to your dog's harness, giving him a little room to move about. Appropriately the umbrella's canopy is a little elongated so that it can cover your dog from head to foot rather than a standard circular umbrella.

This is certainly a product that addresses a need because dogs have to get out to do their business even on rainy days. If your dog gets just a little wet while outdoors, he's likely to bring that unpleasant wet-dog smell back into the house with him.

Now that we have the Pet Umbrella, the only thing we're lacking is dog galoshes.

The Pet Umbrella is currently available for purchase via Lieben's website (Japanese language only) for JPY1980, or about US$22.

Lieben via Inventorspot.

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Shayne Vincent
Oh Ya, they make em all right, galoshes that is:
among hundreds other sites and types you can find.
Leanne Franson
Actually, my dog (a saint bernard) gets WAY wetter and uckier UNDERNEATH (all four legs and stomach) than on the top, even in pouring rain... as the water sort of runs off her hair on top (and it is clean water from the skies rather than filthy puddle water)... this looks like a cool thing, but frankly, rather than galoshes, you need to pair this with muddymutts (look at we\'ve had a pair for over a year now and they are the cats\' pyjamas (or alternately, the dog\'s mudflaps!). BTW, does this come in \"sizes\"? I fear that this size would just keep my dog\'s midsection dry and have it pour onto her head and tail!
I wonder why they designed it with that awkward rigid handle instead of as a shield-like device that fits on a regular leash? Also, I don\'t see how this would be usable with a dog that is properly trained to walk in the \"heel\" position.
Facebook User
Yeah! its true pet umbrella are dogs best friend.
Best Buy ISA
Having a reflective cover, instead of the transparent cover, would protect a dark-coloured dog from over-heating in the sun.