Peugeot is using the upcoming Geneva International Auto Show to offer the world its vision of what a highly-connected business shuttle could look like in the not-too-distant future. Positioned as a concept vehicle based on the Peugeot Traveller that will debut at the same show, the Traveller i-Lab is heavy on technology that complies with the needs of today's business traveler.

Billed as a VIP 3.0 shuttle, the Traveller i-Lab is described as a "high mobility cloud access platform." Central to that concept is a four-seat arrangement around a 32-inch touchscreen tablet that can be viewed as either a single device or visually split into four separate screens for different users or uses.

As soon as passengers enter the vehicle through the hands-free sliding doors, their smart devices are automatically detected and connected to the on-board Wi-Fi hot spot. Bluetooth connectivity and induction charging electrical outlets are also part of the package.

Virtual reality headsets offer the ability to see a hotel, a meeting space or even a potential location – depending on the need and purpose – before arrival.

A 17-speaker, three-amplifier sound system eliminates the excuse of not being able to hear someone on speaker during a call, and provides passengers with the ability to drown out the outside world with their favorite tunes on the way to their next appointment.

Drivers have access to Peugeot's next-generation navigation system to help ensure on-time arrival and departure, and passenger safety. The system includes weather reports, the price of fuel, and 3D mapping with alternative routes based on real-time traffic hazards.

Voice recognition allows the driver to control navigation, telephone and media functions without taking their eyes off the road. A driver inattention monitoring system provides an alert after two hours of continuous driving, and once every hour after that. A visible and audible alert encourages the driver to pay better attention if the dynamics of the vehicle change to indicate the driver is not paying attention.

Other automobile manufacturers and customizers have taken on the idea of what a VIP vehicle might be like, including Audi's armored car and US Vehicles' Rhino Jeep. But instead of going heavy on security and ruggedness, Peugeot decidedly went with comfort and technology with its Traveller i-Lab concept.

Peugeot isn't saying whether or not any of the particular elements of the Traveller i-Lab will be incorporated into a Traveller or other vehicle in the future.

Source: Peugeot

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