Having created one of the fastest, most luxurious cars in history, Bugatti has been busy expanding the range of lifestyle vehicles related to its flagship. Well-to-do owners could already pair their car with a custom boat, and now they can match it with the PG Bugatti Bike, a limited-edition fixie with show-stopping looks and, naturally, an eye-watering price.

Bugatti doesn't slap its badge onto just anything, so the PG (Pimpgarage) bike is much more sophisticated than your average fixed-gear commuter. For one, more than 95 percent of the bike is made of carbon fiber, a weight-saving measure that also lends the bike a beautiful look. Along with the whole frame and forks, the rims, seat assembly, crank and brakes are all wrought in the lightweight weave.

The result is a bike weighing less than 5 kg (11 lb) – reportedly making it the lightest "special urban bike" in the world. Unfortunately, the "special" part of that tag means it isn't really set up to tackle pothole-ridden public roads. Anyone hoping to see one of these locked up outside the local Walgreens is likely to be disappointed then, but the single-mindedness of the construction is certainly in keeping with the Chiron.

Even though it promises to be stiff and light, the PG Bugatti Bike should also be comfortable, thanks to a specially designed handlebar shock absorber. The company says its design has been optimised for high-speed aerodynamics, but it doesn't specify exactly how. Given most of these bikes will likely sit in climate-controlled garages or art displays, it probably doesn't matter.

Customisation is at the core of what Bugatti does, so it's no surprise to see the Bugatti Bike is available in a range of finishes. Owners are able to mix and match frame colors to match their car, because there's simply nothing more embarrassing than having your bike clash with the car. We'd like to see color-coded roof racks included in the package, for a perfect four-and-two wheeled combination.

As you might imagine, only the wealthy need apply here. Just 667 will be built, wearing a sticker price of – brace yourself – US$39,000. Individuality comes at a cost, after all.

Source: PG Bikes

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